Attack of the Killer Weekend: Bug Out 2007 and Welcome 2008 with Success


Afraid of insects?
How about if you increase them from 40 to 600 times life size? Relax, they’re robotic! Get some perspective for the new year when you check out “ROBOBugs” an exciting exhibit at the Museum of Science and Discovery in Fort Lauderdale being offered through January 6th. Sponsored by Truly Nolen this exhibit offers kids a fun-“Honey-I-Shrunk-The-Kids” feeling. Check out the 22-foot-long preying mantis!
The pairing of Truly Nolen with this exhibit brings to mind this bumper sticker:

Army Bumper Sticker

And the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay goes to . . .
Fancy yourself a scriptwriter? Apply to Scriptapalooza’s 10th-Annual Screenwriting Competition. To enter by the early bird deadline, January 7th, you must give $40, your genre, title, and a 1-3 sentence summary aka “logline”. The regular deadline is March 5th ($45), and the final deadline is April 15th ($50). So get busy and fine tune your masterpiece. Your script will reviewed by 80 Hollywood production companies, including representatives from Disney, Miramax, and Big Light. First place wins $10,000. There will be a 2nd and 3rd place chosen, as well as 10 Runners Up. All will receive scriptwriting software. What are you waiting for? Get busy now if you’re not ready and enter next year!

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