Born April 27tth, 2017, Meet the Newest Member of the Josh Garcia Team!


An already great year professionally has been made even greater personally, as the Garcia Family has grown by one! Born April 27th at 8.3 oz and 20″, meet the newest member of the Josh Garcia Team, Soleil Marie Garcia!

MC Hardee

Its been a great year so far with much of the focus in the $1M plus market in Coral Gables. Our most recent sale was 1120 Hardee Road which was listed at $2,650,000. It’s a beautiful home with over 5,000 SF on a 20k SF and a gorgeous pool. Needless to say, my clients are very happy with their purchase. Since closing, I wanted to take a a look closer to this specific market and price range in Coral Gables. So far in 2017, out of all properties sold in Coral Gables (condos/single family) three of every ten are over 1 million. For single family houses only, it’s actually four houses out of every ten sold. Those figures are actually down from the same period in 2016 where 50% of single family houses sold in Coral Gables sold over $1,000,000. These numbers are very impressive when compared to Miami-Dade’s figures of only roughly 7% of all sales in both 2016 and 2017. They do call the City of Coral Gables beautiful for a reason.  The city does an excellent job maintaining its streets, sidewalks, beautifying roundabouts, and always forward thinking with its mix-use areas such as the Miracle Mile Streetscape project; I hope they finish soon! (You can get updates through their site at Coral Gables has many things to offer, but above all, it’s not only a great place to live but a safe investment for the family. Home values have continue to rise above all other areas and has generally maintained its values through slower periods.  To get more information on our upcoming Coral Gables listings or to get and idea how much your Coral Gables home is worth simply send us an email at [email protected]

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