Florida Legislature 2009

The 2009 Florida Legislature’s No. 1  concern can be boiled down to one word-money.  The Legislature’s only mandated task is to create a budget, a chore that could prove painful and drawn out as limited incoming tax dollars must be massaged and stretched to fund existing state programs.  Some initiatives will take a hit.

Money will also impact other discussions.  If a new proposal would be funded by tax money, that bill starts with one strike against it.  The same is true for a bill that would lower taxes. Even if justified, lawmakers will be hard-pressed to make the cut in 2008

With that challenge in mind, the Florida Association of Realtors will continue to advocate for commercial interests. Two goals already adopted.

Property tax reform

In early September, the Florida Supreme Court pulled Amendment 5, which would have appeared on the Nov. 4, ballot.  Up to that point, Amendment 5 represented the commercial industry best shot at significant tax reform.  For more of this article and much more click here for the FAR RCA Newsletter

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