How do you say thanks?

Writing thank you notes it is such a rewarding habit, but very few of us actually take the time to write one in our fast paced life. I received one today from our assistant at the office. All of us at the office pitched in to give her an end of the year gift card. When I received the thank you card, I thought of it as an unexpected gesture, sadly one that has been lost to the past and to things that our grandmas told us we should do.

It is not the first time I was faced with the thank you note this month, I went to a very informative open panel for business planning in 2008 at The Flamingo in South Beach which was hosted by RAMB (Realtor Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches), when the panelists were asked on what their winning strategies to get more referrals where, an associate of EWM, Todd Nordstrom, answered that one of his strategies was writing thank you notes. At the time I thought of a thank you note as a grievance from my mom when she told me to write a pile of thank you notes for my birthday gifts, or to watching my friends painstakingly go through them when they got married to thank their guests for their kind gifts. It had never occured to me that you could use a thank you card as a networking tool or that it should be used to thank a client for their business.

Since then I have taken out my personal stationary and have started practicing my penmanship on a few, one was to thank a nice couple for showing me their gorgeously decorated apartment, another was to thank a nice gentleman that invited my friends and me to a wine bottle at a restaurant last week, and hopefully my list will go on. I am not sure if this will represent a sudden boost in business referrals, but what I am sure of is that it will show my appreciation for a kind gesture.

I took some time to research on how to write a thank you note properly and found these websites to be extremely helpful:

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