Miami Real Estate: The Holiday Closing Crunch

Deflated Santa

Despite being the week between Christmas and New Years, it’s been a busy week in our office! We had two closing scheduled for this week, and it’s always tricky when closings take place during the holidays. People aren’t working, offices are short staffed, and everyone wants to close before the end of the year so banks are usually swamped with files and behind on everything! Sure enough, both of our closings have been delayed because of the buyer’s bank (which happens to be the same bank in these two cases), and we have unhappy buyers and sellers.

In the future, if you are buying a house and in negotiations, your “perfect closing date” happens to fall during a holiday week/weekend, think twice about choosing that date. Inevitably things will happen and it can be very  tricky to pull off a closing around a holiday. It’s very hard to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to, and I always recommend trying to close during a normal week.

If you are buying, feel free to call me as I am happy to share recommendations of banks we work with that are more reliable than others!

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