No More Phone Menus…I Don't Have To Take It Any More!!

How many hours in our lives do we spend trying to navigate computerized phone “menus”!! What ever happened to being able to talk to a human being?? Well, there is a list that’s on the Web that gives secret codes that will circumvent the neverending phone menus that we are confronted with when we try to call almost any large organization. It’s called “gethuman cheats”. I’ve used these codes often and it makes me feel very very powerful!! I want to give a big thanks to Paul M. English who put together this list and updates it regularly. No longer do I have to tolerate the frustrating and time consuming menus that sometimes left me back to a dial tone after 10-15 minutes!!! Now I love to call The Phone Company or The Power Company…I have the Power Of Gethuman…and now you do too. Life is better now!!! Until next time… Marty S.


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