The Best Private Schools in Miami – Where Should You Live?

Where to Live for a Short Commute To Miami’s Best Private Schools

If you are a ‘family’ either new to Miami or moving within Miami, one of the big factors you will no doubt play into your decision is making sure you buy a home close enough to the right school for your children.

As a father and parent myself of two young kids, I am giving guidance and advice off real-world experience. Now after 10 years of selling families into the various Miami neighborhoods, I have learned some fundamental lessons that I feel worth sharing. The process of choosing the right school is tough to say the least and although I don’t know the inner workings on every single school, I can say from poling hundreds of families that there is no such thing as the perfect school, more the perfect school for your child. Some children are perfectly fitted for one school while others are not. One thing that can be said with universal certainly is that a long school commute is not desirable.


The Best Private Schools in Miami – Where Should You Live?

The Best Private Schools in Miami – Where Should You Live?


I have to drive my eldest daughter 40 mins each day to her school and then back again and the only reason I do it is because the school has a special program that is ideally suited to her needs. Still I don’t know if I could put up with the commute much longer and definitely want her closer to home. I am also not prepared to move closer to her school because I am not sold on the surrounding neighborhood. This candid honesty I feel is important to share because as a parent I want you, the reader, to know that I genuinely care and feel uniquely skilled to guide a family on both the neighborhoods and school. I have experienced the reality of a long school commute, there is nothing academic about this dialogue, it’s very real world experience.




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