The David Siddons Group Thanks You For The Successful 2017!

Here is to a Successful 2017 and an even Better 2018

This is the month of reflections, of looking back at what happened and strategizing the year to come. As I think back of the last year, I am extremely proud of what me and my team have accomplished.


2017, A Year in numbers


  • We closed $65M in Real Estate transactions this year. That is an 167% increase compared to last year!  This makes us one of the most successful real estate teams in Miami.
  • We represented a buyer who purchased the entire L’Uccello boutique condo and rented all his units within 3 months after closing
  • We sold two of the Penthouses at Carbonell, one for a record breaking sales price in Carbonell
  • We broke a sales record on a Miami Beach, Coconut Grove and a Palmetto Bay Dry Lot
  • We closed on 7 properties, representing both sides of the deal
  • We found 3 clients a home that wasn’t even on the market.
  • We added three outstanding realtors to the team, expanding our expertise to Palmetto Bay and Miami’s Upper East Side
  • We wrote 127 blogs (that is more than 2 blogs per week)
  • We launched the 2017 Miami Real Estate Guide which was downloaded more than 10,000 times and covered by the Miami Herald
  • We created a successful Miami Relocation Guide for everyone moving to Miami
  • We started making client testimonial videos to show sellers and buyers how the David Siddons Group works

Stay Tuned! 2018 Will be even better!


  • We are constantly working on our website, making it more user-friendly and efficient with every update.
  • We will create more unique Miami Real Estate Market reports, combining our data analytics with our ‘Out-in-the-field’ experience
  • We will continue to update you with real estate news, real estate market data and new projects that is showing you the real numbers and forecasts
  • We are always working on getting better ways to attract buyers to your listings or for buyers to find properties that are not even on the market.


The David Siddons Group would like to thank you for your business and continuous trust in 2017 


We are extremely proud to serve the needs of the local and global Miami real estate market. Thanks to you we have generated $65M in sales this year, making the David Siddons Group one of Miami’s most successfull real estate groups

Whether you are looking for a home, selling a home or preparing to close on a property we hope we can be of further service to you in 2018. You hope you will continue to use us, refer us, and our site for what has become an ever expanding wealth of tools and information. We appreciate you as a valued customer.





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