The Pinecrest Rental Market in 2019

The Pinecrest Rental Market – Trends and Opportunities


In 2018, Pinecrest had 109 properties rented. The most desirable kind of homes (with 43% of rental market share) are 4 bedroom homes with 2 or more bathrooms, preferably unfurnished. This trend is in line with the size of families that look and live in the area; based on the last (2010) census, Pinecrest has an average of 3 kids per family.



Pinecrest Rental Prices

The most expensive rental in the last year was $23,000 per month for a 7 bedroom, single-family home and more than 7,000 SqFt of adjusted area. The rental price for a 4 bedroom home ranges from $1,900 to $9,000 per month.  The price range is quite wide, as Pinecrest rentals range from older, dated homes to amazingly updated homes sitting on huge lots with plenty of space for a playground, tennis court, basketball court, and other aspects valued by large families.



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The Pinecrest Rental Market – Trends and Opportunities

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