What are Miami’s Richest, Most Exclusive and Expensive Neighborhoods for 2019?

Looking across the most expensive zip codes, it’s easy to find high value real estate in Miami. However, what’s more interesting is our social and economic comments on those most expensive neighborhoods.

As we are real estate brokers, our dialogue understandably revolves around selling real estate, and what and where are the best deals that can exist within these communities. Below you will find us drilling down into specific buildings and the specific smaller gated communities within Miami to unearth the best place to call home when you are working with a very healthy budget ($5M+ minimum all the way up to $50M).

Take a read through them, pick up the phone and call me (+1.305.508.0899). I am familiar with handling the most expensive level of real estate in Miami and can provide solid reference points, which becomes ever challenging as you move up into the upper echelons of pricing.


Miami Beach – Indian Creek Island



Miami’s Billionaire Bunker as it is known, home to just 40 properties on 250 acres. An island of only 0.4 square miles, one of the smallest, richest, and most elite neighborhoods in America. The island is home to the ultra wealthy: Forbes 100 CEOs, supermodels, and Hollywood A-listers. The island is so secure and private that it has its own 24/7 police force that patrols the island via boat, jeep, and jet ski. There is only one bridge entrance to the island with the closest neighborhood of Bal Harbour in its door steps. The only downside is that properties very rarely come up. Currently only 1 for sale on the market and no recorded MLS sales in the last 4 years.

Price range: $14,4M – $47M

Miami Beach – North Bay Rd (waterfront side)


North Bay Rd is often considered as the prime street location for Miami Beach residents. It’s just a couple minutes away from Lincoln Rd, Purdy Ave, and other prime beach locations. North Bay Rd is quiet and picturesque, which is ironic considering it runs parallel to the very busy Alton Rd. These exclusive waterfront homes enjoy solid inter-coastal views and are on a par with homes on Hibiscus Island.

Price Range Waterfront: $7.5M –  $45M+

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